Monkey in the Middle



One sweet buttercup

announcing the time has come

Ten blocks east

and ten blocks west

understand that it’s the test

Can’t come forward until then

Wait to see if it begins


Where is time when I come out?

Fall into the early drought?


Here’s my hand

    untie the bow

Where will you go?


Angry at the unrest


This is the test

Steal the salmon from their perch

    raised from birth

Into an early frost they go

Time has come to what they know


If I understand the past,

    will it be again?


Where do you begin?

Think tank

Travel far below

Under sea and sky we flow


Answer me this:

    where is the twist?


My whole world escapes the season of your fright -

the earth below the angels in mid flight

Onions in the ground just rot

    and trees become the day

Tingle in my wrist from another giant sway

There is more you see

There is more of me

Fallen from another star

Fallen down to where you are

Black as the night

    green as the tree

you are all of me

Will the stars all shine tonight?

Will they twinkle with delight?

Will the ransomed bird still sing?


When will be the dawning?


Just another robins’ fall

underneath it all

I confess

you are no less than what you dream

Hold the bow within your hand

    let the arrow stream

    glisten in the afterworld

    more than time will heal unfurled

    bends the river into night

Lose the anger calm the fright

Only when this is your need

Only when this is your seed

    will I make another fall

    landing on the timeless call

    of your mind

forever kind it seems

Thirteen - twelve and one it means

    like a new ending

    to a new beginning

    One in all of three

    this is how we’ll be

Believe me

My heart, believe me

You are my body, why would I leave?

You are my only spirit and dreams

Don’t you be lonely

    there is no need

Don’t you be tired

    I will believe in you

Don’t you be angry

    I am the love inside you

I’m always here

    close to your fear

    close to your dreams

    close to your heart

Closer it seems

    than ever we part

We’ll never part

This you will understand

    when you understand

that you are me


How can I see this now

    when I feel so blind?


Let me see for you

Let me be for you

It won’t be long now

You hear my song now

Soon you will be singing with me

Like singer and melody we are one

written by Monte Jenkins

©copyright 1997 Red Rhapsody Music