Lyrics and Music by Monte jenkins

Limitless love Music / ASCAP


© & ℗1987 Regency Records


once again from deep inside

I've gone and shut You out

and once again I bring to surface

all my fears and doubts

I want forgiveness

I want Your hand

I want Your touch

I want to know You understand

all these tears and all this sorrow

it won't be the last

but since Your grace brings new tomorrows

what's behind is past

I need forgiveness

I need Your hand

I need Your touch

I need to know You understand

knowing You're just there waiting

hoping my choice won't take long

I spend too much time contemplatin

knowing what's right all along

I open up Your book of promise

and I feel You near

all my past with its transgressions

seem to disappear

I know forgiveness

I know Your hand

I know Your touch

and yes I know You understand