Monkey in the Middle


Monkey in the middle

Slave to the dream

Cornering the fiddle

Sitting by the stream

I know, I do believe -

Something supernatural has come over me

Ending every season

    with the flight of make believe

Sharing every comfort

    with the demon in my sleep

Wandering intentions are only make believe

entering the canyons of forests mystically

Here danger awaits you

    diving in full flight

Waiting for compassion to ignite

Breathe - breathe

deeper into me

See - 

see all of me

Ever dawning brightness

Ever crystal eve

    sings the song of starlight

    on this Easter eve

Why is it the darkness

    that keeps us all from seeing

where the living light is born inside of me

Free -  free

freedom lights our tongues with fire

Breathe –

breathe the kisses of desire

Monsters and moguls

    witches and thieves

where do you find your corner?

How is it you deceive?

There comes a fire brighter

than you will ever stand

Melt into the shadow of your land

You disappear

and yet you’re here

This is the mystery

Your heart survives

the tempest nigh

and yet you take reprieve

Dandelion orchard

Field of canvas trees

Painters all look forward

    to the minds you read

Every canvas frantic

    with brushes of the sea

Every eye is focused on your sleeve.

Breathe -  breathe

time is wasting not

I have surely come to bring your lot

Tasting, tempting

    making, emptying

Wise is old begonia

who hasn’t lost her dress

she escapes the mess you’ve made

I will light up another cigarette

    but not yet

No, not just yet

I breathe, breathe

anchor to the harbor

the steam is rising farther than you’ve known

I see, see

more than every harbor

You are every light I’ve ever known

written by Monte Jenkins

©copyright 1997 Red Rhapsody Music